International Diploma

NVQ Level 4, in Culinary Arts (Kitchen & Larder Specialist with Merit).

NVQ Level 3

Diploma in Culinary Arts (Kitchen & Larder). Westminster College, London.

Science & Cooking

University of Harvard X

Nutrition & Children 2.0

University of Stanford.

New Nordic Diet 

University of Copenhagen

From a young age I found my passion for food when I used to cook with my grandfather when visiting him down in Devon, England. With him it was always the old classics like sponge pudding and apple crumble. At some point at around 11 I discovered Chinese food, so, every Saturday I used to get out my Ken Hom and attempt 3 or 4 dishes. Maybe a beef, chicken, noodle and rice dish. Now they would take me a fraction of the time to prepare all these dishes but back then it was a whole day to prepare as if I were in a Michelin starkitchen with everything being so precise. With my brothers being older than me by 7 & 10 years they were busy with their lives, going out and everything else that comes with being in their late teens and early 20’s. But remember it being one of 2 meals a week (the other being Sunday lunch) we would all be together as a family with the usual additions dropping in for a bite before hitting the local pub. They were great times all of us being together and something now that rarely happens. Now as a Chef I see the interactions between the families I work for from the sidelines but get great pleasure from bringing families and friends together over my food.

At 16 I began my culinary career in a local hotel, in Surrey. Realizing my natural ability to cook and passion for food I decided I would go to Westminster College. After 3 and a half years at one of the leading Chef college’s I gained the UK´s highest diploma in Culinary Arts. Competition was a big part of my final year at College, I reached the regional finals of the Nestle Toque D´or and won a gold medal in the Electrolux five nations menu challenge at Hotelympia.

Since starting out I have worked in many fine dining establishments alongside some of Britain´s most acclaimed chefs such as Marcus Wareing at L´oranger and John Williams at Claridges in London. From London I moved to the Costa del Sol in Spain where I worked in some of the best restaurants including James Hewitt´s Polo House and with Jean-Cristophe Novelli and also had my own restaurant that had a very international flavour.

We got off to an amazing start and seeing returns in our first year. And then the GFC struck and owning a restaurant in a seasonal town was tough going. So, just short of 2 years from opening the doors they had to close. It was an incredibly tough time, saying goodbye to that dream of being a restauranteur and not knowing what to do next. Months passed by and finally landed myself a sweet little number as a private chef for the European Director of Jani King. Ian and I became pretty good friends and he soon realized cooking for his family wasn’t going to be long lived and decided to help me become a business owner once again.

I started Bravura and seemed to do pretty well for myself, I offered my Personal Chef services to the nephew of the King of Saudi Arabia, Prince Jefri of Brunei and a number of celebrities but being so seasonal I needed to do more. We decided Marbella had had its time and looked to move somewhere that offered us what we were looking for. So, here I am in Melbourne, Australia the other side of the world and eager to feed you.

Since moving to Melbourne I have setup Home Social. My aim is to make the whole process of having an in-house chef an easily customized experience (for a dinner party or outsourced cooking). I want to take care of you to the best of my ability, so if you don’t like my menus, need to follow strict dietary requirements or just want to do something different then I can write one for you. When writing our menus we try to keep things as healthy as possible but of course we are always allowed a cheat day!

Our aim is to provide busy professionals and Mums with easy access to healthy, balanced meals that are cooked around your needs.

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